Our Story

Welcome to Navadhara School of Music

Where the rich tapestry of South Indian musical traditions comes alive in the heart of the UK and reaches out to the world. Our journey began with a passion for preserving and promoting the vibrant heritage of traditional South Indian instruments like Chenda, Mridangam, and Tabla, and we're continually expanding our repertoire.

Embracing South Indian Musical Traditions

Our courses, available across the UK and through online lessons for our international centres, welcome students of all levels, including children above 10, as well as male and female adults. Our expert tutors are dedicated to guiding each learner on a journey of musical discovery, ensuring a deep and nuanced understanding of these traditional instruments. This approach fosters not just skill, but a profound appreciation for the art form in students of all ages.

Live Performances and Cultural Events

Beyond teaching, Navadhara brings the exhilarating energy of live Chenda performances to diverse events, including Corporate Events, Religious Festivals, Product Launches, Weddings, and Community Events. Our innovative fusion of Chenda Melam with modern instruments like violin, saxophone, and keytar showcases our creative and adaptive spirit.

Navadhara Live Music: An Orchestra of Tradition and Modernity

Navadhara Live Music is another jewel in our crown. Our 5-piece live orchestra features keyboard, lead guitar, bass, acoustic drums, rhythm pad, tabla, and mridangam, complemented by 2 male and 1 female professional singers. This ensemble is perfect for creating an unforgettable musical experience at your events.

Traditional Artist Hire: Bringing Kerala's Dance Heritage to Life

We also celebrate Kerala's rich dance heritage through our Traditional Artist Hire services. Our dancers, skilled in Kathakali, Ottamthullal, Mohiniyattam, and more, bring weddings, workshops, and photo shoots to life with their elegance and cultural authenticity.

Instrument Care, Restoration & Sales: Preserving Musical Legacy

Our Instrument Care & Restoration service ensures the longevity and integrity of traditional instruments, specialising in Chenda repair and re-leathering works.

Event Equipment Hire: Complete Solutions for Your Events

For event enhancement, our comprehensive Event Equipment Hire services include top-of-the-line Pro Digital Sound Systems, versatile Lighting Solutions, dynamic LED Walls, and professional DJ Systems. We also provide traditional Kerala decorative items to add an authentic flair to your event stages.

Join Our Musical Journey

At Navadhara School of Music, we're more than just a music school; we're a cultural bridge, celebrating and perpetuating the rich traditions of Kerala's music and dance. Join us in this celebration and let's keep the rhythm of tradition alive, together.

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