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Introduction to Navadhara School of Music

Navadhara School of Music, based in the UK, specialises in traditional South Indian music. We offer expert training in instruments like Chenda, Mridangam, and Tabla through in-person and online classes, blending Kerala's rich cultural heritage with contemporary performance styles.

About the Founder - Shri Vinod Navadhara

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Background and Musical Journey

Vinod Navadhara, the founder of Navadhara School of Music, is a distinguished percussionist hailing from Kerala, India. His journey in music began at a young age, and he has since dedicated his life to mastering and teaching traditional South Indian percussion instruments.

Achievements and Contributions

Vinod's expertise lies in instruments such as Chenda, Mridangam, and Tabla. Over the years, he has performed on numerous stages across India and Europe, earning acclaim for his skill and passion. His contributions to the field of music include:

  • Performing in prestigious events and cultural festivals, showcasing the rich traditions of Kerala's music.
  • Pioneering the introduction and teaching of Chenda Melam at the Malayalee Association of the UK (MAUK) centre, bringing this traditional art form to a wider audience in the UK.
  • Collaborating with renowned artists and musicians in various international projects.

Vision for Navadhara School of Music

As the founder of Navadhara, Vinod Navadhara's vision is to create a platform where the traditional music of Kerala is not only preserved but also celebrated and shared with a global audience. His commitment to teaching and his innovative approach to music education have been instrumental in making Navadhara a leading institution for South Indian music in the UK.

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Course Offerings

Our courses are designed for all skill levels, providing an immersive experience in instruments such as:

  • Tabla: Discover the rhythmic complexities of this iconic instrument.
  • Chenda Melam: Dive into the world of Chenda, a famous percussion instrument from Kerala.
  • Mridangam: Explore this classical South Indian percussion instrument.
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Live Performances and Events

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Navadhara brings dynamic live performances to various events across the UK. Our offerings include:

  • Chenda Melam & 5-Piece Orchestra: Perfect for special events, combining thrilling beats and vibrant tunes.
  • Melaperuma 2 - 2024: Scheduled for June 8, 2024, at Byron Hall, London, this event promises a grand celebration of Kerala's cultural heritage.

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Services and Hire

Navadhara provides a range of services to enrich your events:

  • Event Equipment Hire: Professional-grade sound systems, dynamic lighting, LED walls, and DJ setups.
  • Traditional Kerala Dance Artists for Hire: Skilled dancers in Kathakali, Ottamthullal, and Mohiniyattam. 
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  • Authentic Kerala Heritage Decorative Items: Enhance your event with traditional decor.
  • Musical Instrument Care, Restoration, and Sales: Preserving the heritage of Indian percussion instruments.

Contact Information For inquiries and bookings:

Media Gallery

Our gallery features high-resolution images and videos showcasing our classes, performances, and cultural events. It captures the essence of Navadhara's commitment to traditional Indian music.

Press and Media Features

Navadhara has been featured in various media outlets, highlighting our unique approach to preserving and promoting South Indian music in the UK.

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Addressing common questions about our courses, performances, and services, our FAQ section provides detailed information for prospective students and clients.

Company Information

  • Company Name: Navadhara School Of Music London LTD
  • Registered Number: 11850877
  • Registered Office: 27 Clements Road, London, England, E6 2DR