Achievements and Milestones

Navadhara School of Music, under the expert leadership of Sri. Vinod Navadhara, has achieved significant milestones, establishing itself as a premier institution for traditional Indian percussion in the UK.

Here are some of our key accomplishments:

Expansive Network of Centres: From its inception, Navadhara has grown exponentially, now operating over 30 centres across the UK, with plans for further expansion.

Wide Student Base: We take pride in having over 300 students learning instruments like Chenda, Tabla, and Mridangam, reflecting our reach and the trust placed in us by the community.

Global Recognition: A highlight of our journey was Sri. Vinod Navadhara leading the MAUK Chenda group at the 2012 London Olympics Torch Rally, showcasing our art on an international platform. The 2015 Queen’s New Year Parade performance in London further elevated our global presence.

Cultural Ambassador: We've been instrumental in promoting Kerala's percussion music in the UK, especially at significant events like the London Mayor’s Diwali Show at Trafalgar Square, attended by thousands.

Educational Excellence: Our curriculum and teaching methods have nurtured skilled musicians and deepened the cultural connection among students from diverse backgrounds.

Community Engagement: We've built a vibrant community, connecting children and Indian expatriates with their cultural heritage, playing a vital role in cultural preservation.

Innovative Fusion Performances: Our fusion of traditional Chenda Melam with modern instruments demonstrates the adaptability of our musical heritage.

Diverse Services: Beyond education, we offer live performances, traditional artist hire, instrument care, and event equipment hire.

Hosting Indian Artists: We take pride in bringing popular Indian artists to the UK, facilitating cultural exchange and offering audiences a taste of India's rich musical diversity.

Melaperuma - Our Flagship Event: Our blockbuster event, Melaperuma, is a testament to our commitment to high-quality musical productions, featuring renowned artists and drawing large audiences.

These milestones not only highlight Navadhara's achievements but also underscore our ongoing commitment to celebrating and perpetuating the rich traditions of Indian percussion music.

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